The Texas Laws For Abortions Have Been Changed By Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has given a ruling in which the new law of Texas that made it mandatory for the clinics to have the surgical facilities at the abortion clinics. Also, the doctors were required to have the admitting privilege at a nearby hospital if the facility was not available at the clinic.

The fifth US circuit court of appeals had upheld this law that would have burdened around 1 million women of the childbearing age to actually drive 300 miles before they could find a hospital where they could get the abortion done. This is something that is a big concern.

It is not only Texas that has this kind of law for abortions. Many other states have this law that is in force or has been suspended for the time being. But the verdict by Supreme Court is the one that will enable the courts of those states too to throw the law out of the window.

This law was a real threat to the women safety as they were required to drive such long distances just for getting the abortion done. This is a known fact that the death due to childbirth is significantly more than that caused by abortion, but still, the childbirth can happen in the homes in the presence of just a nurse, but abortions require the hospital-like facilities that are not only hard to get but also very expensive for any clinic.

The Justice has said that the law was, in fact, infringing on the rights of the women to have safe abortions in Texas than helping them in any way. He said that the clinics already are up to the mark as far as the safety of abortion-seeking women is concerned and therefore it is important that the law preventing them from carrying out abortions should be removed.

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