The New Education Secretary Is Betsy Devos

Betsy DeVos, an activist as well as philanthropist from the state of Michigan is the new education secretary in the Trump Government. The election Betsy was a controversial one as there was a tie. President Donald Trump had to cast his vote to break the tie, and that led to the election of Ms. DeVos to the position that would decide the future of education in America at least for the next four years.

However, this news was not taken well by most of the people, and they protested the said election by calling the Senate office of their senators. The fact that around 1.5 million calls were received on a per day basis shows that a lot of people are apprehensive about the fate of the millions of students studying in public schools and colleges.

The people, however, need not be so skeptical because the role of the federal government is not a big one in the education policy and only about 10% of the funding of the K-12 schools is done by the federal government.

However, the higher education sector will be looking forward to the DeVos’ stand against the sexual assault on the campus. But, Ms. Betsy has denied any idea of free education. Also, she has hinted towards the reviewing of the decision of CFPB that led to the inquiry against many for-profit colleges and even the shutting down of two of them.
The law of ESSA regarding the K-12 schools that is liable for the various aspects of testing and academic promotion of students to next level is going to see various kinds of changes and the states may enjoy more powers to deal with the problems associated with K-12 schools and their administration. Betsy has been one of the advocates of giving more powers to the states.

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