Singapore Still Continues To Top The TIMSS Test

The results of international education tests in maths and science are out and yet again the students from Singapore have achieved the highest ranks. These ranks have been secured at primary and secondary education level.

Among the European countries, it is Ireland that has secured the sixth position in an overall ranking which is the highest for any European country. England has maintained its same rank since four years.

The top most positions, as always, have been taken by the East Asian countries like Japan and South Korea.

The rankings are published after every four years and are termed as TIMSS or Trends In Mathematics and Science Study. These tests are taken by students from 57 countries. The number f students that take these tests are greater than 600,000, and they are in two age groups- those between the age of nine and ten and those between the age of 13 and 14.
The results that have been published in 2015 demonstrate that there has been little or no change since the year 2011 though there were many changes that were reportedly made during this period including that in the structure of the school, training of teachers, curriculum, assessments, etc. though England continues to be above average, but the concern is that there is no notable progress.

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