Local Zika Transmission Is No Longer A Myth

The health officials in Florida have declared that there four individuals in the state that have been detected with Zika virus infection. This disease was caused by the biting of the local mosquito.

Zika is a viral infection that is spread by the biting of an infected mosquito. The cases that have been found so far are the first cases in the country and are a thing of concern. Though the prevalence of Zika is not as much as it was seen in the other countries but still it becomes mandatory that all precautions be taken so that it does not become that big a threat.

Zika is a very significant threat to the human kind because it can be transmitted not only through Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopictus mosquito bite but also through sexual intercourse, from mother to an unborn child, lab exposure and even if the infected blood is transfused to the healthy individual.

The major risk is for the pregnant women. The unborn baby can get infected and be stillborn or born with a defect such as microcephaly. No mosquito born disease has ever been such a big threat to the humankind and especially to the unborn children.


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