Beware of the schemers that may target your business

The online BEC or Business E-mail Compromise scam is one of the latest types of scams that have hit the businesses. Many people have reported that they have suffered heavy financial losses due to these scams. Even FBI has warned people to remain cautious against this scam.

These kinds of scams have become very prevalent all around the world and FBI, and their other law enforcement partners have warned against such scamsters that not only cheat people with BEC but also other types of scams.

BEC is supposed to be the most common type of scam that is being used to cheat people. The targets are usually the businesses that involve the transfer of funds on a regular basis as part of their business. The schemers can redirect the funds that are transferred to the clients. There are thousands of victims of this kind of scam, and it becomes almost impossible for the government agencies to bring back the money that has been lost if the overseas transfer has been made.

People are also being targeted for seeking romance online. Most of the time, the people who visit dating websites get emotionally attached to some of the schemers who have only one motive of extracting money from the victims.

There are many ways by which the schemers try to extract money from people. They may try to create a non-existential emergency situation or may provoke you to carry out the transfer secretly or may just hack your personal and sensitive details through your email Id to later transfer all your hard earned money to their own accounts.

First of all, you must not believe any such calls and always confirm the identity of the caller before you make any payment. Even if you encounter such a situation, you must act quickly and let the bank and law agencies know about it right away.

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